About Gina

Hello! I am a studio potter living in Los Angeles. I've always enjoyed creative expression, but I had never felt such a strong pull to create as I did when I started working with clay. I find both the process of making pottery and putting the finished products to use to be immensely fulfilling, and I love making pieces for others to use and enjoy. When I’m not at the studio, I like to cook, dote on my cat, and explore LA. 

About My Work

I make ceramics both on and off the potter’s wheel. In my wheel thrown work I strive to create objects that are clean and modern with a bit of interest. With hand building, I love having the freedom to make forms that are "imperfect" and have character, but I also try not to steer too far away from the simple quality of my work on the wheel. My goal is to create pieces that have their own kind of grace without being too delicate.

I like to work with many different clay bodies, but my favorites tend to be sandy and iron-rich. I love experimenting with glaze combinations and application techniques. All of my work is stoneware that is fired in a gas kiln to cone 10, which means it can get as hot as 2300 degrees Fahrenheit or more! Firing this way can yield unexpected but beautiful results, which is part of what makes pottery exciting and magical for me.

I typically make objects without a singular function or purpose in mind; I encourage you to be creative when finding a role for one of my pieces in your home. 


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