A Series of Tubes

A Series of Tubes

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These vases were hand built using a process that yields a slightly different form each time; no two will ever be completely alike. They are finished with a satin white glaze, which I applied somewhat recklessly to create lots of layers and drips. The lovely brown clay body shows through a bit on the areas where the glaze is thinner.

Three sizes available:

Short: 8.25” tall by 2” wide

Medium: 10.5” tall by 2” wide

Tall: 13.5” tall by 2.5” wide

I made these from a sandy sculpture clay that is so fun to work with, but it often produces vessels that aren’t completely watertight. A small amount of condensation may form at the base if water is left inside, so I recommend you either place these on a waterproof surface or use to hold dry goods.

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